latviaspace.gov.lv is the portal representing the Latvian space sector that contains a database of Latvia-based companies and institutes that are either an active part of the space ecosystem or have a direct potential to apply their technologies within the space sector.

Additionally, the portal offers information about opportunities available for the Latvian space sector organisations - at the national, European and global levels.


What is the Latvian space sector?

Modernised technological heritage, technology transfer and space data-based solutions.

Latvia enjoys a rich space technology heritage in engineering and smart materials. Some modern companies continued this legacy by updating these technologies, thus creating innovative and powerful solutions that are used in international space missions and research nowadays. Such solutions can be categorised as follows:

  • electronics and electrical engineering;
  • extremely high-precision event timing devices and scientific instruments;
  • space infrastructure (radars, antennas)
  • satellite and space debris laser and radio ranging, optics and photonics;
  • space environment simulation solutions and testing equipment;
  • additive manufacturing, smart materials and insulation for launchers;
  • thermal engineering and propulsion solutions;
  • scientific instruments (metrology, gyroscopes, etc.);
  • Earth Observation data applications;
  • science and education in life sciences, astronomy, bioeconomy, aerospace engineering, etc.

Moreover, Latvia is about to launch the smart re-industrialisation of its economy to drive the development of the most knowledge-intensive and strategic sectors that represent the country's smart specialisation strategy (RIS3) areas:

  • knowledge-intensive bio-economics
  • biomedicine, medical technologies, pharmacy
  • photonics, smart materials, technologies and engineering systems
  • smart energy and mobility
  • information and communication technologies

This means that extra attention and support will be strategically directed towards these areas that inter alia will highly benefit the space sector capacities in Latvia, as these five areas will nurture the county's space sector potential through technology transfer from and to the space industry.

Latvia's space sector capacities also stem from the opportunities brought about by the European Union Space Programme. In particular, free and open access data and information delivered by the Copernicus programme combined with the openness towards innovation and international cooperation of companies and research institutes in Latvia, the Earth Observation industry has become the fastest-growing space industry area in Latvia.


Who manages and administers the latviaspace.gov.lv portal?

The portal is run by the Latvian Space Industry Association under a service contract with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia. 

The service contract is being implemented within the framework of the ERDF project “Integrated national-level measures for strengthening in the research and development of Latvia’s part of the European Research Area”, No.