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The company was founded in 2009 with its office premises in Riga, Latvia. Currently, there are 7 people working for the BSS on different projects. The company provides space data services and applications for research, educational and commercial organisations. BSS develops proprietary ForestRadar ( technology for the big forest management companies to monitor clear-cut processes, windfalls, floods and fires using both optical and radar satellite imagery. Commercial services have been provided since 2018.

BSS team’s background is satellite imagery data processing algorithms to provide current and accurate supplemental data and obtain completely new information, GIS Desktop, Server and Web application development, and expertise in creation and maintenance of accurate spatial databases using self-developed automated geospatial data creation and quality assurance algorithms. We constantly work on computer vision and machine learning algorithms to automate data processing. 

The main activities of the company are:


2BSS provides several technologies in the market:

1) ForestRadar Change Detection Service - a new operating forest security service ( delivering the most actual data from the sky. High-quality and guaranteed weekly data updates regarding new clear-cuts and windfalls (starting from 0.25 ha) are provided with proven detection accuracy >95%. The alerts with detected changes are sent as e-mail and the result is delivered as a change polygon in the ForestRadar's Web application. API of the service is possible for easy integration into existing management systems, or to be used as an overlay for publicly available geographic reference maps.  

2) ForestRadar Cloud-free Basamap - uses multispectral optical imagery and Machine Learning algorithms to provide cloud-free imagery basemap for use in enterprise desktop and web GIS applications ( With a service, one can access the most recent cloud-free imagery showing the date they were taken on the map. The service provides: 

- the latest possible satellite image without clouds;

- images are updated weekly;

- each piece of the image has known metadata (the date);

- the service can be added to any Desktop or Web GIS application.

3) Cloud computing support environment for publication of WMS services

Current R&D projects include:

4)  SAR algorithms to detect forest height, density and provide forest stock estimation;

5) Remote sensing-based system for forest risk factor monitoring - flooding, excessive water, drought, pest.

The team behind the ForestRadar has more than 15 years of experience in GIS business development, sound technical skills in enterprise GIS system development, and related educational background. During many years of work enough knowledge on the business needs of forest companies was collected which has helped to develop the ForestRadar and deliver the most actual information from the field. BSS has many years of experience in working, processing, and automating different kinds of optical and SAR images, LiDAR, harvester, inventory, and different spatial data;

6) Flood monitoring:

7) Fire detection and risk monitoring: 


  • ForestRadar Change Detection (clear-cuts, windfalls, flood and fire detection services are coming soon) in the web application,
  • ForestRadar Cloud-free Basemap with metadata,
  • Cloud computing environment for publication of WMS services
  • R&D Project - SAR algorithms to detect height, density and provide forest stock estimation
  • R&D Project - Remote sensing based system for forest risk factor monitoring - flooding, fire, excessive water, drought, pest.


  • Fully automated forest clear-cut monitoring system based on Sentinel-1 data
  • Automated flood monitoring service for gas pipeline networks using Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 satellite data
  • Wildfire early detection and management system merging terrestrial and satellite image processing
  • Satellite remote sensing-based forest stock estimation technology and Forest Risk detection, the project will be finished in 2023


  • Forest Management companies; private forest owners; State Forest Services (governmental forest control institutions); nature protection organisations; investors interested in forest lands, municipalities
  • IT and GIS service providers to forest industry; State Forest Services (governmental forest control institutions); Forest Owners Associations; partnership in Horizon Europe projects
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