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Smart materials & additive manufacturing
Optics & photonics

The aim of the Institute of Technical Physics (ITP) is to be competitive, modern, attractive for employees and students working in the fields of technical physics and technologies. The ITP contains the following departments: 

  • Department of Materials Physics
  • Department of Optics
  • Department of Semiconductor Physics
  • Scientific Research Laboratory of Materials Optics
  • Scientific Research Laboratory of Semiconductor Physics
  • Laboratory of Material Physics.

One of the topics of the ITP is related to laser processing of semiconductors, metals, superconducting materials, nano-electronics, and optoelectronics. We are studying the interaction of powerful laser radiation with semiconductors, such as CdTe, CdZnTe, Si, Ge, SiGe, GeSn, GaAs, TiO2, ZnO, InGaN, SnS, and SiC. 

The recent topics of our investigation are connected mainly with the improvement of quality and phase transitions in semiconductors, such as TiO2, CdS, InGaN, ZnO, CdZnTe, and overcoming the equilibrium solubility of Sn atoms in Ge. We have a wide experience in cooperative research with research institutes abroad (Germany, UK, Switzerland, Japan, Taiwan, Spain, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Estonia) and cooperative international projects including FP7 and H2020 (e.g. CERN coordinated ARIES and IFAST projects).

Another topic of the ITP is energy harvesting for wearable and portable applications; micropower management electromagnetic, triboelectric, and thermoelectric energy harvesters - design, development, and research. We elaborate electromagnetic, thermoelectric as well as triboelectric energy harvesters for wearable and other applications, as well as electronic systems for energy accumulation and sensor powering by accumulated energy.


Lasers are highly versatile in material processing and have a wide range of applications. A new approach is proposed and studied in our institution. The main originality of the studies is to use a temperature gradient field (temperature gradient effect, TGE) induced by powerful pulsed laser radiation with the multi-aim for different materials processing. TGE can be used e.g. for redistribution of impurity atoms - Sn in the host material (Si)Ge of epitaxial solid solutions grown by molecular beam epitaxy method (MBE), generate or anneal defects depending on the material, make surface controllable oxidation at the nanolevel, formation of quantum cones. 

Moreover, due to the monotonous redistribution of impurity atoms, the graded bandgap structure for semiconductors can be formed, and relaxation of residual stresses can be achieved. These studies offer a new approach based on the application of laser radiation as one of the steps during the growth ( MBE) of high-quality solid solutions (Si)GeSn with high Sn content for fabrication of (Si)GeSn based infrared optoelectronics and electronics. 

In the field of energy harvesting, the complete wearable systems including energy generation module, power management module, sensor module, as well as communication module for wireless data transmission are elaborated for mainly wearable applications.


  • Application of laser technology for gamma detectors based on CdZnTe with the aim to improve responsivity and radiation hardness (Prof. Arturs Medvids).
  • Application of laser technology for formation infrared detectors based on direct bandgap GeSn semiconductor with a tunable wavelength in IR part of spectra (Leading Researcher Pavels Onufrijevs).
  • Formation of different antiviral and antibacterial coating using laser technology including the control of hydrophobicity and the laser-induced pattering of the surfaces (Leading Researcher Pavels Onufrijevs).
  • Electromagnetic, triboelectric and thermoelectric energy harvesters - design, development, and research (Prof. Juris Blums).
  • Research and development of energy harvesting for wearable and portable applications; micropower management (Prof. Juris Blums).
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