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State Limited Liability Company “Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre” (hereinafter LEGMC) provides quality environmental information and specialized environmental services, as well as quality operational hydrometeorological and climate information for the Latvian economy, society, and national security.

LEGMC main activities in the space domain are earth-observation related and include surface, hydrological, or atmospheric monitoring for the purposes of geological and hydrometeorological service. LEGMC routinely uses measurements from multiple satellite missions.


The technical capabilities of LEGMC encompass processing and analysing earth observation data, alongside other environmental monitoring data, to facilitate a diverse range of applications. Satellite data is employed as an input for weather forecasting, climate change analysis, and environmental monitoring purposes

LEGMC creates products for operative monitoring and conducts comprehensive long-term analyses of environmental changes. Techniques, such as automated data flows, satellite database management, and data-processing languages, are employed by LEGMC to develop high-level products.


  • Monitoring of river ice conditions and flooded areas (Sentinel 2 data)
  • Solar radiation, sunshine duration and UV index monitoring monitoring for the society and energy sector (EUMETSAT ACSAF and CMSAF data). See atlas here:
  • Climatological analysis of long term change for meteorological parameters such as sea-ice and temperature, land surface temperature, cloud observations etc.
  • Land change monitoring, for example coastal erosion monitoring (Copernicus Sentinel-2 data)
  • Satellite data as an input for hydrometeorological forecasts (EUMETSAT Meteosat and Metop data)


  • Our customers are interested in environmental, atmospheric or land monitoring and derived high level products.
  • As LEGMC provides data processing services relating to climate change, weather, geophysical and environmental monitoring, we are interested in partners from the related areas, with an emphasis on climate change and energy sector, as well as natural hazard monitoring and risk analysis.
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