Latvian Space Industry Association

Governance & support

Latvian Space Industry Association (LAIK) is a not-for-profit private organisation uniting and representing interests of the Latvian space industry. It was established in 2018 to promote the Latvian space ecosystem development as well as to stimulate the interest of younger generations in STEM. The Association and its members closely cooperate with the Latvian public sector and thus, have substantially contributed to the development of the Space Strategy for Latvia 2021-2027 and work towards achieving its goals.


As of 2021, LAIK has 13 active members: Eventech, RD Alfa Microelectronics, Baltic Scientific Instruments, High-End Engineering Photonic Labs, Allatherm, ChemCode, HyMet, Mission Space, ZINOO, 2AM, Institute for Environmental Solutions, Commercialization Reactor and NORDWOC.


  • Space communication support - a service contract with the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Latvia.
  • ActInSpace - ESA/CNES space technology hackathon in Latvia.
  • SpaceTEM - a 3-year Interreg EstLat project to develop the NewSpace industry in Estonia and Latvia.
  • BeSpace Conference - the 1st Baltic space industry conference to raise awareness in secondary schools, universities, companies and general public about the space sector opportunities and developments.


  • We welcome new members to join the Latvian Space Industry Association (LAIK) as well as are looking forward to developing joint projects with space domain organisations and associations of other countries globally.
  • Moreover, LAIK will gladly be the gateway to initiating cooperation between the Latvian space industry and space industries around the globe.
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Contact persons: Pauls Irbins