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Materize is part of the Institute of Solid State Physics of the University of Latvia and is an industry collaboration and science commercialization platform. It is part of the Institute of Solid State Physics, the University of Latvia (ISSP UL), with 40 years of experience and team of 200 employees. The  ISSP UL is an internationally-recognised leader in material sciences and cross-disciplinary research in the Baltic Sea Region.

Materize offers the following services:

  • prototyping and small-scale production in ISO 7-8 cleanrooms
  • R&D of functional materials
  • theoretical material design and modelling
  • R&D of material, thin films, coatings synthesis, and deposition
  • test-bed infrastructure and scaling-up solutions


The expertise and technology development directions of Materize include:

  • thin films & coatings
  • photonics & spectroscopy
  • nanomaterials & ceramics
  • organic LED & fibre optics
  • energy storage
  • hydrogen energetics
  • theoretical modelling and design

The aforementioned areas can be and are used in various stages. Each in its own right can be crucial for a specific use-case, step forward in technological development. Such as the ESA Contract No. 4000136126/21/NL/SC/hm Project: "Feasibility of phase retrieval adaptive optics for Satellite-Ground optical communication".

The main goal is to investigate the feasibility of the phase retrieval CD WFS adaptive optics system to be applicable for free-space optical communication (FSOC) in Satellite-Ground communication. Within 14 months the theoretical and initial technical breadboard development should be accomplished, reaching TRL3.


  • Material investigation and characterization - of already known or newly developed materials, such as coating structure, morphology and investigation of properties
  • Material research and development - we provide possibility to create new materials in broad range, from 0D, 1D, 2D and 3D nanomaterials to macro polymers for proton conduction.
  • Cleanrooms - 650 m2 of ISO 7-8 cleanrooms available to develop new technologies, materials, or processes. Such as microfluidic or optical sensor geometry development. Surface preparation and cleaning. New material development and others.
  • Technology and process development and investigation. Our facilities and expertise can be used to develop new sensors, devices, models and processes for new technology development. Such as, thin film deposition technologies, sensor development, radiation visualization.


  • Device development, testing and assembly can be carried out in our cleanrooms where it is possible to perform surface cleaning and preparation, lithography (e-beam and optical), deposition (various deposition techniques as ALD, PVD, CVD, etc.) and testing and bonding (wirebonder, probestation), full description can be found in our homepage.


  • Investigation of glass decolorization under cosmic radiation
  • Investigation and modeling of cosmic ray resistant materials and electronics


  • Our main customers are established as well as new companies in high technology field creating and developing materials, coatings, technologies that requires in-depth knowledge of materials science and technological processes.
  • We are looking for new collaboration opportunities to develop new materials and technologies as well as help established and new companies to develop their technology in our facilities
Total employees320
Employees in space10
Turnover8'000'000 EUR
Kengaraga str. 8, Riga, Latvia
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Contact persons: Olga Bogdanova