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Water Research Laboratory (WRL) was started up in 2000. It represents an education and research unit within the Faculty of Civil Engineering. The project group leader (senior researcher Prof. T. Juhna) is highly qualified and acknowledged both nationally and internationally through his delivered projects and his publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Team staff has both the project administration skills and research capacity in water engineering technologies, in the fields of renewable energy sources, climate change and pollution prevention technologies, environmental and sustainability assessment of technologies and industrial processes. In addition, our members have broad experience from the past projects in cooperation with industrial partners and end-user organizations required for successful completion of the activities foreseen in this project.

Starting from June, 2020, the name of the Water research Laboratory (WRL) has been changed to Water Research and Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory (WREBL).


WREBL has a practical experience and theoretical knowledge in microbiology, chemistry, hydraulics as well as wastewater treatment, drinking water supply and safety, water resource management and also project management, entrepreneurship, and innovation. WREBL develops innovations for waste bioremediation and resource recovery that are based in natural processes and can be adopted to solve daily challenges. In addition, WREBL develops components for bio-based life support systems to purify wastewater and air, and can provide a food source. WREBL also operates a well equiped microbiology and chemistry laboratory.


  • Microbiology for wastewater bioremediation.
  • Microbiology for resource recovery from waste streams.
  • Microbiology for high-value compound synthesis.
  • Hydraulics for liquids transfer - theoretical and practical applications.
  • Full stack development of pilot systems for bio-based technology testing.


  • Laboratory for water chemical and microbial analyses.
  • Isolated space with specific conditions and climate, separated microbiology rooms for work with specific microorganisms or work in microorganism-free environment; climate room with adjustable temperature and humidity for storage of sensitive equipment; anaerobic chamber to work with oxygen sensitive microorganisms.


  • Current partners include B2B segment, biotechnology innovators.
  • Target partners include organizations from the public and private sectors that want to collaborate with WREBL to develop and implement ESA and EU program projects. Developers of life support systems.
Total employees30
Employees in space2
Turnover500 000 EUR
Ķīpsalas 6a, LV-1048, Rīga
Contact persons: Aigars Lavrinovičs