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Institute of Aeronautics (AERTI) of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Transport and Aeronautics of the Riga Technical University (RTU MTAF) is the most prominent trainer of aeronautics specialists in Latvia and the only state-funded higher education institution that offers the opportunity to obtain higher education from a bachelor's degree to a doctoral degree (EQF 6-8).

AERTI is the first higher education institution in Latvia that will prepare master's students in the field of aerospace engineering.

AERTI has many years of experience in space-related research. Scientific research is an integral part of the institute's development.


AERTI has many years of experience in space-related research in the area of nanocoating. Mainly we were concentrating on research of ion-plasma coatings for titan and magnesium alloys. We have a wide range of laboratory equipment and experienced scientists for the realization of the complete cycle of product design from the manufacturing of the samples up to testing and preparation of the obtained results.

 AERTI can provide thermal vacuum vhamber testing such as accelerated electrical and electronic component burn-ins and life-cycle testing. Environmental cycling (thermal and humidity) for materials survivability. Determination of design factors: Operating temperatures; Combined thermal and pressure-load distortions of dimensionally critical structural elements; Fluid and gas leak rates; Changes in absorptive or emissive properties of thermal coating

 AERTI also conducts research and tests with non-destructive testing methods.


  • design of nanocoatings
  • manufacturing and testing of nanocoated samples
  • tests in cryogenic vacuum chamber
  • Master's degree program


  • Cryogenic vacuum test stand with sample radiation test possibilities and with multiple channels for the test sample real time parameters measurement.
  • Modified installation of vacuum ion-plasma spraying NNV-6,6-I1 with a magnetron source . For the application of thin coatings for various purposes by the PVD method with additional surface activation by ion bombardment. Scanning electron microscope with EDS spectrometer. Revetest Xpress Plus Macro Scratch Tester RSX+ .


  • Project No. Prototype development of transportable in intermodal traffic mobile space testing facility "Metamorphosis”
  • Contract work in the project No Development of innovative and effective coating of magnesium components
  • Project No. Lzp-2018/2-0344 “Design and modelling of Aerospace System for Launching pico- and nano- Satellites to Low Earth Orbit”


  • European Space Agency, other research institutions In Latvia and abroad
  • R&D companies and organizations in field of aerospace
Total employees50
Employees in space5
Turnover400000 EUR
Export quota space0 %
Kipsalas street 6B, Riga, Latvia
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Contact persons: Ilmars Blumbergs