ESA tenders for Latvia

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia coordinates Latvia’s industrial and research participation in the programs of the European Space Agency (ESA). 

The Ministry of Education and Science role in relation to ESA is to assist Latvian companies and research organizations in successful bidding for ESA contracts and is a point of reference for the international space industry players to identify relevant space-related expertise in Latvia.

Latvia’s associate membership in ESA allows Latvia-based companies and research teams to bid for ESA contracts in a range of programs including: 


1. FutureEO Segment 1

2. GSTP Element 1: Develop

3. ScaleUp Element 1: Innovate

4. Space Safety program, Cornerstone Mission 2: HERA project

5. E3P Period 2 program: ESPRIT project



Am I eligible?

All companies and research organizations in Latvia are eligible to respond to ESA tender opportunities pertaining to the ESA programs in which Latvia participates. This information is included in the relevant ESA tender documentation or can be requested by contacting the Ministry of Science and Education: Kaspars Karolis, Head of the Latvian delegation to ESA via or by phone +371 67047996.

What funding is available?

This depends on the scope of the procurement underway and is limited by Latvia’s financial contribution to the ESA programme in question, as outlined in the Space Strategy for Latvia 2021-2027.

How do I apply?

Potential ESA tenderers need to register on the ESA-STAR website - ESA’s registration and management facility for external users.

Specific procurements/announcements of opportunities will be published on the ESA's electronic tendering website ESA-STAR.

For certain procurements, prior authorisation of the national ESA Delegation is required and can be obtained by contacting the Ministry of Education and Science - Kaspars Karolis,, +371 67047996.

May I request support for tender proposal preparation?

You can request support in the ESA bidding process by contacting the representative of the Latvian Space Office and the ESA Industrial Coordinator in Latvia, Davids Stebelis, One of his roles is the provision of advice to Latvian entities on the ESA procurement process, training courses and ECSS standards (free of charge).