COOPERATION: The Center for Space Governance to Develop a Study on the Latvian Space Law

The Ministry of Economics, the Ministry of Education and Science, and the State Chancellery Innovation Laboratory of the Republic of Latvia have reached an agreement with the Center for Space Governance to cooperate in the development of the Latvian space law.

The Center for Space Governance will develop an extensive study and report, which will include case studies on space law in selected countries from around the world and recommendations for the development of national space law in Latvia.

This partnership will promote the growth of the Latvian space industry, support investment in space-related technologies and markets, and serve as a model for the development of space policy in the Baltic region and across the European Union.

The Center for Space Governance is a non-profit research organization dedicated to current, emerging, and future issues in space policy, based in Washington, D.C. and Brussels.

The Ministry of Economics and the Ministry of Education and Science are the two ministries of the Republic of Latvia responsible for the development and implementation of the Space Strategy for Latvia 2021-2027 and the national space policy, whereas the mission of the State Chancellery Innovation Laboratory is to introduce new, efficient and innovative approaches in policy-making in Latvia.

More news to follow!