ESA Career Day is an event organized by the Ministry of Education and Science in cooperation with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia and ESA. The event aims to inspire Latvian citizens to apply for ESA permanent vacancies and student program vacancies.






Career Day will be held within the framework of the Deep Tech Atelier Conference. Latvia, as an associated Member State of ESA since 2020, provides its citizens with access to the same career opportunities as Member States.

  • Explore opportunities for student internships and careers at ESA.
  • Learn about job opportunities offered by ESA and hear from ESA employees about their work firsthand.
  • Gain insight into ESA's operations and learn about their recruitment criteria and application process.
  • Join us to discover the diverse career paths and exciting opportunities available at ESA!

Target audience of the event:

  • students and recent graduates
  • professionals at any stage of their career
  • anyone interested in space and career in ESA.


  • Andrew Kane, former trainee of the ESA YGT programme, who now works for ESA as coordinator of student programs;
  • Emīls Seņkāns, trainee of ESA’s Young Graduates Trainee Program from Latvia;
  • Gertrud Talvik, ESA engineer from Estonia, who has been working for ESA since 2017 with the new Member States;

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We also invite you to register and attend the Deep Tech Atelier conference on 16-17 May, where the themes are also dedicated to the space industry and other areas of smart specialisation, highlighting biotechnologies. Register for the conference here: https://deeptechatelier.com/