EVENT: ESA Days Latvia on 20-21 April 2023 in Riga

The 2nd edition of the European Space Agency (ESA) Days Latvia to take place on 20-21 April 2023 in Riga hallmarking Latvia's ESA associate membership. As a part of the annual Deep Tech Atelier with this year's focus on space, optics and photonics, it will offer plenty of B2B opportunities and side events.

Deep Tech Atelier is the largest deep tech industry forum in the Baltics welcoming hundreds if not thousands of people in Riga for already 5th year in a row. The mission of Deep Tech Atelier is to motivate the growth of knowledge-intensive business and international cooperation.

ESA Days Latvia is part of Deep Tech Atelier, alongside the Nordic Optics & Photonics (NOP) Conference, the Baltic Session on EIC Pathfinder and EIC Transition challenges and a B2B event.

The event will be opened at the main stage to welcome entrepreneurs, scientists and technology developers, investors, government and public organisations, and will feature an opening speech by Geraldine Naja, the European Space Agency's Director for Commercialisation and Procurement, and a keynote titled "From Deep Tech to Deep Space: The Future of the Space Economy" by Raphael Roettgen, an investor, venture capitalist and the author of the book "To Infinity".

Then, the main stage of Deep Tech Aterlier will be split into five stages: 1. Space Tech stage, 2. Deep Tech Stage, 3. NOP Industrial stage, 4. NOP Academic stage, 5. Growth stage.


The Space Tech stage aka ESA Days Latvia will treat the guests with a versatile guest speaker list and have four topic blocks (scroll down-down to the bottom of the article for detailed topic description):


technological developments and successes to enrich the economies on space and Earth in Engineering, Optics, Photonics, ICT, Quantum Communications, Bioeconomy, Biomedicine, Energy and others;


sources of support for the NewSpace growth, including ESA, national, bilateral, European Innovation Council, Large System Integrators and private investors;


human capital for and through space, featuring inspirational speeches by those who was behind European astronaut selection and the current recruitment for space agencies;


insight into national space laws together with the Centre for Space Governance.


For more information, full programme and registrations for Deep Tech Atelier and B2B: https://deeptechatelier.com/


SIDE EVENT: Baltic Session on EIC Pathfinder and EIC Transition challenges & networking around Challenges calls for 2023 with a focus on space energy


EIC Pathfinder & EIC Transition will offer 3-4 million EUR grants for 2-3 partner consortia.

First, the experts of EIC Pathfinder & EIC Transition will explain how the programmes work. Then, we participants will pitch their ideas with the aim of finding consortium partners and validate their ideas. 

Organisers: Lat.tech, the Latvian Office for Innovation and Technology; LINO, Lithuanian RDI Liaison Office; ETAG, Estonian Research Council Brussels.

Invitations only. To register for the session, please contact: egita.aizsilniece-ibema@liaa.gov.lv


other side events

Please see the information here.

More on the event blocks:



To implement the smart re-industrialisation of its economy, Latvia has adopted a wide approch to ensure opportunities for all reflected in its Smart Specialisation Strategy 2021-2027. The industry-oriented space sector is both to benefit and contribute to economies both of Latvia and beyond. The international speakers to provide insights on space for:

  • Knowledge-Intensive Bioeconomy
  • BioMed, BioTech, Biopharma, MedTech
  • Smart Materials, Photonics & Engineering
  • Smart Energy & Mobility
  • Information & Communication Technologies


For the brightest ideas to reach the NewSpace economy, support mechanisms are key, and there are a number of sources for this aim.

  • European Space Agency will give a rundown of opportunities it offers,
  • European Innovation Council will present about their support programmes for space,
  • Large System Integrators will offer an insight into how to efficiently enter supply chains,
  • Representatives of non-EU country organisations will explain how they approach cross-border cooperation,
  • Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia will discuss on the missions of the national ESA Business Incubation Centres - a success story in Estonia, and pending in Lithuania and Latvia.

...as well as will discuss tips and tricks of attracting investment into space business.


Space welcomes people of all backgrounds - be it engineering or business, chemistry or sports, physics or linguistics. Space is a powerful motivator for the knowledge-intensive and excited human capital growth for the solutions of the future. How do space careers address it? Experienced professional will share their knowledge and advice.


New national space laws are emerging all over the world. What are we trying to achieve by that? 

In cooperation with the Centre for Space Governance, which is currently delving into the concept and aims of the future Latvian space law, we will ask professionals of both space and start-up communities to explain what value they see in space laws and what makes a law good.


For more information, programme and registrations for Deep Tech Atelier and B2B: https://deeptechatelier.com/