EVENT: Software Defined Space Conference in Tallinn and Call for Abstracts

The 3rd edition of the Software Defined Space Conference dedicated to cyber security in space takes place 1-2 November in Tallinn, Estonia. An opportunity to submit an abstract to participate in the conference as a speaker on one of 12 topics is open until 17 April 2023.

With software, we can change the way we use and benefit from our space assets, forecast and visualise future demand and bring the service providers and consumers together.

The added value of space technologies is already today created primarily on account of software and increasing connectivity. Through that, in 2022 the space sector has entered a new era where cyber security plays an essential role in the continuity of service independence, sustainability. This has in turn created a necessity to work on cyber security aspects of space systems already at design level.

Therefore, the focus of the event is on software development and cyber security for the space domain. With the aim to raise awareness of technologies, opportunities, commercialisation and growing the space community to support sustainable development in the sector.


1-2 November 2023. Mustpeade Maja, Tallinn, Estonia.

call for abstracts

Submit an abstract to participate in the conference as a speaker on one of the following topics:

  1. Federated Decentralised STM Platforms
  2. Lessons From Ukraine to the Space Sector
  3. Space Cyber Ranges vs Cybersecurity Exercises vs Tabletop Format in the Space Domain
  4. AI Applications for Data Security.
  5. Cyber and Space Security Education
  6. Cyber Security and Radio Spectrum Infrastructure Vulnerability in Space
  7. Software Defined Satellites: New Projects and Outlook
  8. Space Cyber Security Commercialisation – From Science to User Needs.
  9. Governance of Cyber Security Liability and Certification – How Can Anyone Say They Are Cybersecure?
  10. Software Based Anti-Spacecraft Technologies
  11. Cyber Security Legislation on Regional and Global Level – Contradictions Between National Laws.
  12. Cyber Security in Orbit Demonstration

The length of the abstract should not exceed 300 words.

Deadline for abstract submission is 17. April 2023.

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