OPPORTUNITY: InnORBIT - support to set up a space business support initiative

InnORBIT is a capacity building initiative for innovators & innovation intermediaries in Eastern Europe and the Baltics. On 27 June 2022, an information day to take place, and an open call has been launched!

InnORBIT is set on empowering innovation intermediaries with practical and easily replicable solutions to set-up and run sustainable local initiatives. These initiatives aim to accelerate the growth of entrepreneurs, start-ups and scale-ups and the development and rollout of their space-enabled solutions be it in space or not in ecosystems with great potential for contributing the commercialisation of space.


Why participate?

Space innovators - SMEs, startups & scaleups: a Business Support Programme to support entrepreneurs in starting and scaling-up commercial activities to drive value from space innovation.

Innovation intermediaries: a capacity building programme for training innovation intermediaries to effectively set up and run local initiatives to deliver our business support programme (webinars and bootcamps).


InnORBIT's local space initiatives

InnORBIT provides tailored support to innovation intermediaries - digital innovation hubs, clusters, industry associations and other enabling organisations - to set up their own local initiatives and support local innovators - entrepreneurs, startups and scaleups - to scale up their activities in the upstream, downstream and midstream space sector, as well as in sectors that could benefit from space-enabled technologies, data and services. 

InnORBIT's local space initiatives are offered to innovation intermediaries with diverse backgrounds, experiences and capabilities. Training from space and entrepreneurship experts are provided, promising to complement  organisations' competencies to make the best out of the commercial space sectors and inspire their ecosystems to be part of this experience.

Innovation intermediaries participating in InnORBIT's pilots may choose from:

  • Space Sprints, Incubators and Accelerators
  • Space Cafes
  • Space Hackathons
  • Info Days
  • Space Tracks


InnORBIT's programmes

InnORBIT brings local space initiatives to life through its two complementary programmes, (i) the Capacity Building Programme for innovation intermediaries and (ii) the Business Support Programme for innovators.

Capacity Building Programme

InnORBIT's local space initiatives respond to the needs of innovation intermediaries with or without experience in the space sector. Our Capacity Building Programme ensures that innovation intermediaries build all the necessary skills to set up their local space initiatives and provide high-quality business support services to innovators willing to conduct business in space and space-related sectors.

InnORBIT's Capacity Building Programme for innovation intermediaries encompasses an array of well-designed services supported by our space and business experts:

  • Dedicated sessions for the selection of the best local space initiatives and customisation to ecosystem needs and development plan of the innovation intermediary.
  • Self-paced training through a large selection of MOOCs in our e-learning platform.
  • Provision of assistance in resources and activity planning for setting up and running local space initiatives.
  • Progress assessment - Support and advisory services provision during the training phase.

Business Support Programme

InnORBIT’s business support programme aims at delivering a tailored blend of incubation and acceleration services all of them carefully selected to meet the needs of entrepreneurs, start-ups and scale-ups seeking to drive value from the commercial application of space technologies in space or non-space areas. InnORBIT's experts will provide assistance to innovation intermediaries in effective implementation through materials, courses, technical support and tools. Our Business Support Services packed in local space initiative include:

  • Business and technical mentoring
  • Awareness raising about EU space support programmes and initiatives
  • Awareness raising about Copernicus, Galileo and DIAS
  • Hands-on support to access to finance and funding opportunities
  • Matchmaking events, demo days and networking
  • Community building and networking


Join the 5th Info Day for the 2nd pilot round on June 27th, 13.00 CEST!

If you are an innovation intermediary, cluster, digital hub or business support organisation based in Eastern Europe or the Baltics with an interest to develop new activities to support your members strive in the New Space sector, then InnORBIT is for you!

2nd pilot round open call here.

Register here to book your position for the next info day and become the MVP of your local space ecosystem! 


Source and more information: https://innorbit.eu/