OPPORTUNITY: Planet data available for free with ESA

Planet's Earth Observation high-frequency, high-resolution satellite data is now available for free for non-commercial use via the EARTHNET program.

Planet is the leading commercial provider of global daily Earth data. Planet provides daily satellite data that helps businesses, governments, researchers, and journalists understand the physical world and take action.

Planet has recently announced that Planet’s PlanetScope and SkySat data have officially joined the European Space Agency (ESA) Third Party Mission Programme, enabling ESA the ability to grant Planet data for the European research community. Through the ESA Earthnet Programme, researchers, scientists and companies from around the world can apply to access Planet’s high-frequency, high-resolution satellite data for non-commercial use. Planet is thrilled to join ESA in their mission to further elevate climate research and land use monitoring across the Earth.

The included data offering covers:

  • PlanetScope daily global coverage, 8 spectral bands and 3-4m spatial resolution
  • SkySat Tasking with 4 spectral bands and 50cm spatial resolution
  • RapidEye Archive (2009-2020) with 5 spectral bands and 5m spatial resolution

Here is more information on how to create an account and how to apply. See also Planet specific step-by-step guide attached.

More information is available here.