OPPORTUNITY: The EUSPA Space Academy: Lift off to a successful space business!

Fostering the EU space business entrepreneurship environment: the opportunities for downstream applications in the space field have never been greater due to easy and instant access to space data and signals

The accessibility to space technologies enables businesses to create new technological developments and added value solutions, as e.g., AI and cloud computing are making data analytics more precise and instant. However, the lack of business knowledge, mentoring and funding on the entrepreneurs’ value chain introduce important challenges for start-ups.

As such, the European Union Agency for the Space Programme, EUSPA, focussed on stimulating the entrepreneurial ecosystem by acceleration, business incubation, seed-funding, and pre-commercial procurement in support of entrepreneurs, start-ups, and SMEs in the space industry, announces the launch of the EUSPA Space Academy, a unique opportunity to learn about EU space technology and entrepreneurship. The programme covers the different EU space market segments, EU space technologies, and will offer in-depth classes about entrepreneurship covering the entire start-up lifecycle.  

The EUSPA Space Academy is an online training programme providing a comprehensive curriculum and tailor-made support with a rewarding experience for all participants. The learning platform offers an interactive and easy-to-use interface with options of live and offline sessions. The training is free and open to every interested entrepreneur. The programme follows a modular and customisable approach where the participants can choose the modules of their interests, as well as follow-up activities, giving them the chance to build a training path based on their specific needs. The EUSPA Space Academy is open from June 2022, and participants can join the modules at any time. 

The holistic curriculum covers seven topics necessary for a downstream start-up: EU space data and signals, team and resources, customer and sales, product, business, finance, and legal matters. Each of these topics presents different modules for which there will be the opportunity for live sessions provided by renowned experts from academics or business, as well as office hours, workshops and mentoring sessions with designated trainers.

The EUSPA Space Academy is “the” opportunity of the year for entrepreneurs and start-ups who are willing to level up their game with enhanced and efficient business strategy, right investments use and resources planning, as well as team management and market development. EUSPA aims at fostering the development of an innovative and competitive European space sector and this programme represents the concrete example of an innovative solution to the business challenges of nowadays. 

More information The official website of the EUSPA Space Academy: https://www.euspa.europa.eu/spaceacademy/ All communications, press, or content enquiries can be directed to: hello@euspaspaceacademy.eu.