OPPORTUNITY: The GALACTICA 2nd Call for Proposals is now open

GALACTICA supports the creation of innovations in textile, aerospace and advanced manufacturing. SMEs and start-ups can apply for funding of up to €100.000 ("Orbital Projects") or €20.000 ("Pioneer Projects"). Deadline for applications: 30 March 2022.

GALACTICA project has just launched its 2nd Open Call for Proposals with €1.64 million of funding available, to attract and support the best cross-sectoral projects in the fields of textile, aerospace and advanced manufacturing.

Apply: calls.galacticaproject.eu 

Deadline: 30 March 2022, 17:00 CEST

Further information: https://galacticaproject.eu/2nd-galactica-call/



GALACTICA is a Horizon 2020 project with a total budget of 5 M€, from which 4M€ are directly targeted to support SMEs to innovate with diverse mechanisms, including 3M€ financial support through two open calls for proposals, hackathons and travel grants.

The main goal of the GALACTICA project is to create, validate and scale-up new cross-sectoral and cross-border value chains among textile, aerospace and advanced manufacturing fields.

More information on the projects is accessible here.


Who can apply?

The Call for Proposals is open to EU and UK innovative start-ups and SME’s within the textile aerospace, and/or advanced manufacturing sectors.

  • Pioneer projects - for single SMEs or consortia.
  • Orbital projects -  the participation of at least two SMEs is mandatory.

When two companies are applying within each funding scheme, it is also mandatory that those companies belong to different sectors of activity.


What is the offer? Financial support!

Start-ups and SME’s can apply for two funding voucher schemes: “Pioneer projects” and “Orbital projects”.

In addition, selected projects will receive a coaching and mentoring support package to accelerate their launch to market.

  • Pioneer projects (up to €20.000 per project as lump sum) 

Applicants: minimum 1 SME from one of the eligible sectors

Scope: the main goal is to support the exploration of new cross-sectoral value chains feasibility with a focus on developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) connecting two or more of the sectors (aerospace, textile, advanced manufacturing).

Indicative supported activities/ideas:

  • Building of the prototype in form of a Minimum Viable Product;
  • Testing of the hypothesis with business measurements and user validation tests that will provide crucial information for learning about the hypothesis validity;
  • Adjusting the product/service with a dedicated learning process.

Duration: 4 to 6 months project.

Number of expected funded projects: 22 projects in the 2nd call

DEADLINE: 30 March 2022 at 17.00 CEST (Brussels Time)

Templates to be completed and uploaded with your application in the submission platform:


  • Orbital Projects (up to €60,000 per SME, up to €100,000 per project as lump sum)

Applicants: 2 SMEs from 2 different sectors, both from the EU or UK.

Scope: implementation of functional prototypes and demonstrators for new cross-sectoral value chains, connecting two or more of the sectors (aerospace, textile, advanced manufacturing), while funding the integration of non-technological innovations for speeding up market match.

Indicative supported activities/ideas:

  • Experimentation
  • Technological maturation
  • Prototype/system integration design and development, including materials, technical testing and market testing
  • Standardisation

Duration: 6 months project

Number of expected funded projects: 12 projects in the 2nd call

DEADLINE: 30th March 2022 at 17.00 CEST (Brussels Time)

Templates to be completed and uploaded with your application in the submission platform:

​Source: the GALACTICA project